Redhead Pieces

A Redhead’s Guide to Surviving the Sun
For this natural redhead, a trip to the Shore is no day at the beach.
New Jersey Monthly (June 2018)

My Not-So-Rosy View of the World’s Largest Redhead Festival
I was looking for a place to belong. Instead I found a weird, fetishistic group of strangers.
Narratively (December 4, 2017)

The Joys and Sorrows of Watching My Own Birth
In which I reflect on the bittersweet experience of watching myself be born — and my now-divorced mom and dad become parents — again and again.
Longreads (December 2017)

The World’s Largest Redhead Festival Was Founded by a Blonde
Every fall thousands of redheads gather in the Netherlands for Redhead Days.
National Geographic (August 29, 2017)


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